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Managed returns for a global marketplace

In an increasingly globalised world, Reverse Gear represents the high tech future of returns management for retailers and a range of businesses worldwide.


Although retailers, distributors and manufacturers continue to expand their businesses to encompass overseas shipping, the industry continues to face a lack of co-ordinated returns management processes.

This means that businesses often struggle to manage and control returns and to provide their clients with a user friendly and affordable experience.

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What reverse gear offers

Reverse Gear offers businesses and consumers a wide range of time and money saving benefits. The Reverse Gear solution includes our expertly devised return software, combined with a fully global network of warehouse hubs and partners all working together to manage your global returns requirements.

Reverse Gear has been designed to manage every aspect of the returns process, including central global management and tracking of returns, Customs requirements, redirects, repackaging and reselling if required. All of this is provided with major cost and time savings which are guaranteed to enhance your clients’ experience and ensure that they remain loyal and return to you time and time again.

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The Team

Reverse Gear is the product of the combined years of experience of five experts who came together to devise a single expert software solution which would allow commercial and retail clients to manage their returns in a global, coordinated and managed way.

All of the people behind this exciting new product are currently working with major international e-commerce players as consultants or in other senior strategic capacities. Many decades of combined experience in retail management, logistics, e-commerce and global technical solutions have gone into the planning and detailed design of Reverse Gear.

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Reverse Gear – here to manage your global requirements

Reverse Gear has agreements in place with major brands, retailers and distributors worldwide. To find out more about how we can support your business – get in touch with us today.

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