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Bespoke software which ensures seamless returns

Managed returns

Reverse Gear offers a global approach which fully supports the international return requirements of businesses and their clients.

Cloud-based solution

Reverse Gear is a bespoke software package which has been designed to expertly manage every aspect of global retailers’ product returns. As a cloud-based system Reverse Gear offers easy access from any device, anywhere in the world.

Reverse Gear has been created to meet the needs of retailers, manufacturers and distributors. In an increasingly global marketplace, many businesses are experiencing welcome growth across international markets, but do not have the infrastructure in place to manage returns efficiently and consistently or in a way that offers good value for money, either for themselves or their clients. The global e-commerce market is currently considered to be growing at around 20% a year which means that businesses will continue to experience an increasing requirement for cost-effective and efficient returns.

The Current Situation

Most retailers struggle with their returns under current circumstances. With few global and consistent options to manage returns, many rely on unconnected local warehouse hubs which offer a variable service dependent on where you are in the world.

It is easy to feel that you have lost ownership of your own clients’ experiences and the chances of products being delayed, lost or damaged is great. Returns are also usually charged for on a case by case basis which is expensive and extremely difficult to manage and control.

Technical specs

Reverse Gear manages and tracks all aspects of the product return process on behalf of retailers.

For a client based in London, buying a product in Shanghai and then returning it becomes a straightforward process.

For the retailer there is peace of mind that this process is consistently managed, along with access to the major cost savings that a globally coordinated approach provides.

Unique global infrastructure

What makes Reverse Gear truly unique is our global reach and network. We have established a worldwide network of agency partners who we have brought together in a single, seamless, virtual managed team on our licensed global platform.

Reverse Gear manages all aspects of returns including labelling, repackaging, Customs requirements, shipping and tracking, along with the added advantages of organising the resale or refurbishment of returns within the local market if required.

The Returns Process

Reverse Gear offers benefits for both businesses and consumers:

Advantages for businesses

Reverse Gear can be seamlessly incorporated into the existing delivery processes of large retailers. Cloud based software ensures flexible access anywhere in the world, and with a minimal amount of detail our fully automated processes will ensure that a return can be delivered to one of our hubs, where it is packaged up with other items from that retailer or with those intended for the same destination country and then returned. We are able to substantially reduce costs through the number of items we bulk pack and we also speed up the process by confirming returns within 2- 5 days.

Advantages for consumers

Retail consumers experience the convenience of dealing with a single interface (our app is coming soon). Reverse Gear also supports consumers to purchase items overseas and ship them home. Returns are managed from start to finish with the ability to print return labels, pay in local currency and for clients to deal with the system in their own language and track returns to the retailer.

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